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From idea to a finished and installed machine. We take care of this with our passionate team. From design to assembly and software. If it can be imagined, we can build it.

Building machines

You can contact us with your own design. We will gladly finish your project completely. From manufacturing parts till installation at your place.

Adjusting machines

Conversion or adjustment of an existing machine for new purposes. From safety changes till automation. Adjusting software is also possible. We extend our horizons to see what’s possible.

Installation of machines

You have purchased a machine but have no experience with the installation. A machine does not always come with a perfect manual. With our professional team we ensure that everything will be up and running.


New ideas come and go every day, but it is not easy to fully work something out and test it. With Votorec, you came to the right place. With our years of experience in the prototyping world, we are happy to help you with the necessary discretion that a prototype requires.


In today's world where automation is constantly evolving, we will be pleased to help you solve your problem. With our premium partners we expand our knowledge to find a fitting solution to any obstacle. Design and construction of a special gripper is no problem at all for us. Specialization in - designing and constructing of any kind of gripping feature - is our core foundation

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